Happy Harvest 2020!!

Greetings to all my fellow farmers, stoners, artists, and growers from Northern California! The fields are swollen with grapes and cannabis while workers bond with plants to get the job done. I am on my tenth harvest of the year and feel ready to sit at my desk and complete a whole book just on the 2020 season alone. From COVID befalling us and the United States government deeming farmers and cannabis workers essential employees, to not being able to attend festivals, cups, or gatherings to share my artwork with the world, it’s been a trip. I am so proud of The Gate Girls of Northern California for continuing to grind on our careers and also raise money for charitable causes in Humboldt and beyond. Between September and October, we raised over $1,200.00 for The Family House in San Francisco, a family who lost all their belongings and home to the Sierra wildfires, and two children suffering from Leukemia in Humboldt county. I thank all of our supporters who purchase our calendars, share our posts, follow us on social media, and comment on our posts. It helps The Gate Girls and myself raise awareness for our causes and share our stories living within the cannabis community. Have a wonderful and safe harvest!

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