How can we help?

Things on the farm aren’t always rainbows and green grass. There are some tough times out there, and here with The Gate Girls of Northern California, we like to listen. The Gate Girls was started to create an online social club for women who work or have worked behind a gate who wish to share their story. One of our missions is to help people suffering from domestic violence in our communities. If you are, or know someone who needs help, we will listen and do our best for immediate assistance. That includes…GAS MONEY, GROCERIES, A RIDE SOMEWHERE SAFE, A SAFE PLACE FOR A NIGHT, A SAFE SPACE TO TALK AND REMAIN ANONYMOUS.

The Gate Girls donate their time participating in photo shoots, events, and spreading awareness about our causes through social media. Each sale of our 18 month calendar goes toward helping folks in our communities. Thank you to everyone who supports us and purchased a calendar, it helps with our forward momentum to do more with our resources. If you’d like to purchase a calendar, go ahead and click on our PRODUCTS page. Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend!

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