Greetings from a Safe and Happy Harvest!

Hello family, friends, artists, growers, farmers, and fellow stoners! I hope the 2019 Harvest Season treated you all well. I feel satisfied with the last few weeks, although a tad bit sticky and freckled with bug bites. I reemerge into society bearing comical content for my next book due out shortly.

Before the second book drops, our 2020 Gate Girls Calendar will be available for purchase next week. I am so excited to share with our fans the newest members of the Gate Girl family, all Ladies of the Cannabis Community and all helping to raise money for Childhood Leukemia through our Calendar sales.

Thank you for looking, sharing, liking, and following my posts, I couldn’t make any of this happen without you! Take care!


Hello my fellow Stoners, Growers, and Artists! I have been hard at work on new Watercolor Portraits, Stoner Comics, and the 2020 Calendar “One Gate at a Time, The Gate Girls of Northern California”, our third edition. The last six months have been a whirlwind of activities to grow my small story into a community. The success and support I have received gives me the confidence to rage toward my next book, my next calendar, and the next print drop in my Etsy shop “TheFarmTrap”. Thank you to my fans, and stay tuned!


Greetings and welcome to One Tray at a Time, A Decade in the Cannabis Industry. Check out my Stoner Comic Strip beneath this post and make your way over to my Products page. I’m excited to announce I included my new watercolor prints, they come autographed and carefully shipped with well wishes and stickers. Also, check out the second edition of One Gate at a Time, The Gate Girls of Northern California 2019 Calendar. Thank you for looking, the support means so much to me.

Big Thank you to Gary Newman, a Graphic Designer based in Northern California who helps make all this possible. Truly the best at his craft, he has also taught me so much with this project that it’s helped me expand One Tray at a Time. It’s my dream to be able to share my work with the world and it’s cool to have Gary on the team.¬†


The first Gate Girls 2019 calendar was a booming success! Thank you all for the support so much! First edition is officially SOLD OUT, but no worries, I decided to shoot and print a second edition. Start the year fresh and sexy with a glimpse into the #gatelife!

The Gate Girls 2019

The Gate Girls of Northern California have expanded!

One Gate at a Time, The Gate Girls of Northern California 2019 First Edition calendar has done so well that I have decided to print a Second Edition. Full color beautiful photos representing the upside of the #gatelife. Supplies are extremely low on the first edition, so don’t miss out on collecting these two twelve month calendars for your grow or office.

Hello 2019

Thank you all who have supported One Tray off the ground! Here is what to expect in 2019…

I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who has helped me with my book release since October 2018. From my graphic designer Gary Newman, to One7 Gallery for hosting my Art Exhibition in November. Thank you Bree Desmond of The Hummingbirds for performing their music at my Book Release. Thank you to all my supporters for sharing my book and posts online. As a hand to paper artist it is crucial for me to get the word out through friends and new friends I’ve met along the way.

I will be traveling with my book the month of January from Oregon to Arizona. Keep up on my Instagram @thefarmtrap , Facebook, and this blog for meet ups, book signings, art exhibitions, and vendors who have picked up my book.

The Second Edition of One Gate at a Time, The Gate Girls of Northern California 2019 will be fresh off the print and up for sale in my shop late January and will be available for pre-order January 20th, 2019. You can still purchase the First Edition calendar in my shop and begin your collection. Stay tuned for Gate Girlds t-shirts and exclusive stickers!